Road bike tours Tenerife

We're offering you guided road bike trips along the most beautiful regions of the northern island. We provide our tours for groups of up to 4 persons plus one guide. Your individual bike experience and level of challenge will be taken into account and harmonised with route character and group constellation. Our tours are available either in English or German language.


What we offer in the bike tours

We offer road bike and gravel bike tours in 3 different levels:


Level 1: ca. 40 - 50 km / 500 - 1000 hm / 2-3 hours

Level 2: ca. 60 - 80 km / 1000 - 1500 hm / 3-5 hours

Level 3: ca. 100 - 120 km / 1500 - 2500 hm / 5-6 hours


The tours can be modifcated to the individuell wishes of ower clients.

Prices for Roadbike and  Gravel Bike Tours on Tenerife

Tour Level 1-2 from Puerto de la Cruz = 79€

Tour Level 3 from Puerto de la Cruz = 89€

Tour Level 1-2 inclusive Transfer to a nice starting point  = 89€

Drop off Touren = Transfer to a good starting point  = 25 - 40€


The tours are limited to 3 clientes because of the hard climbs here on Tenerife.

The tour price is + 10€ if you want to ride a new Gravel Bike and the Road bike Merida Scultura 6000.




If you want to rent our bikes and go for a ride on your own, just click the following button.